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By December , the project was being called Apache OpenOffice. Apache OpenOffice inherits its handling of file formats from OpenOffice. There is no definitive list of what formats the program supports other than the program's behaviour. Apache OpenOffice 4. Other operating systems are supported by community ports; completed ports for 3. Apache OpenOffice does not " release early, release often "; it eschews time-based release schedules, releasing only "when it is ready". Apache OpenOffice has lost its initial developer participation.

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In January , the project reported that it was struggling to attract new volunteers because of a lack of mentoring and badly in need of contributions from experienced developers. The project produced two minor updates in , although there was concern about the potential bugginess of the first of these releases.

Patricia Shanahan, the release manager for the previous year's update noted: "I don't like the idea of changes going out to millions of users having only been seriously examined by one programmer — even if I'm that programmer. The Register published an article in October entitled "Apache OpenOffice, the Schrodinger's app: No one knows if it's dead or alive, no one really wants to look inside", which found there were code committers at the time of publication, compared to in ; this was a change from the sustained growth experienced prior to The article concluded: "Reports of AOO's death appear to have been greatly exaggerated; the project just looks that way because it's moving slowly.

Between October and July the project had no release manager. Instead, the Apache project published a workaround for users, leaving the vulnerability in the download.

It was revealed in October that 4. Apache OpenOffice 3. Version 4. Various features lined up for 4.

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As a result of harmful downloads being offered by scammers, the project strongly recommends all downloads be made via its official download page, [] which is managed off-site by SourceForge. SourceForge reported 30 million downloads for the Apache OpenOffice 3. LibreOffice also used some changes from Apache OpenOffice.

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Retrieved 4 July It is tempting to give the response, 'It will be released when it is ready'. But that sounds a bit snarky, although it is accurate. After a surprise overtake of OpenOffice, LibreOffice has become the best freeware alternative when it comes to having an all-in-one for document management. for Mac - Download

Its new version 5. Read more. Italiano come ingua ultima versione libre office. Salve, vorrei sapere se ho avuto un problema di download o di installazione con l'ultima versione di libre office per Mac, in quanto era scritto "lingua: italiano" e invece tutti i pulsanti sono in inglese Kindle for Mac. FontExplorer X. LibreOffice 6. The Document Foundation. Latest version 6.

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LibreOffice 5. Opinions about LibreOffice 4. LibreOffice Saya suka dg mancitosh.