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There is no limitation on problem size, and the license does not expire on the computer where it is installed. Also free 1-year licenses for several popular solvers are renewed as long as maintenance is current. See our Buy AMPL Products page for a complete academic price list, ordering instructions, and optional online order form. Students can request a free trial licence for AMPL and the solvers that we sell.

Juan G. Villegas R. A multi-space sampling heuristic for the battery-swap-station location routing problem abstract. Rodrigo Linfati and John Willmer Escobar. Metaheuristics for the Electric Vehicle Routing Problem abstract. Robust Models for Kidney Exchange Programs abstract. Truck Loading Problem: Mathematical optimization and objective functions assessment abstract.

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Aurelio Oliveira and Carla Ghidini. Solving the linear systems arising from interior point methods for linear programming by iterative methods abstract. An application for the generation of personalized curriculums for the students abstract. Toma de decisiones en grupo. Li and Reeves dual model applied to Brazilian airports system abstract. Operational Flexibility: Flexible resources vs flexible decisions in an agriculture case abstract. Comparing the traditional Malmquist Index against a literature model for measurement of the productivity changes between companies under a regulatory scenario.

To discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages onto a regulated scenario. Glaucia Pissinelli and Paulo Ignacio.

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Coffee production planning: a MIP approach abstract. Metaheuristic approach to land use optimization balancing productivity and environmental protection abstract. Willy A. Oliveira and Maristela Santos.

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Luiz Henrique Barbosa and Eduardo Uchoa. Omar Romero-Hernandez and Sergio Romero. Turning waste into electricity. A multi-factor feasibility study. Isaac Pemberthy R. A problem of vehicle routing with border crossing in Latin America with transshipments points abstract. Mathematical programming formulation for a Rich Vehicle Routing Problem abstract. Eduardo Moreno , Rodrigo A.

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Carrasco and Gabriela Pinto. Optimal routing and assignment of trucks for the Chilean National Petroleum Company abstract. Extending cover inequalities for the quadratic knapsack problem to relaxations in lifted space abstract. Unified aggregation operators in mean-variance portfolio selection abstract. Xavier Brusset and Per Agrell. Use and misuse of supply chain echelon competition to improve efficiency abstract. Endogenous Timing in a Quantity duopoly with differentiated products abstract. Livia Maria Pierini and Kelly Poldi. A lower bound analysis for the flowshop scheduling problem abstract.

Linear Programming Algorithm with objective function of multiple inputs and priorities abstract. Probing for maximizing the expected number of transplants abstract. Carlos E.

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Path and tree valid inequalities for a stochastic multi-stage problem of discrete cargo supply with lead times abstract. A Decision Support System to design multimodal networks for urban mobility abstract. A model of monitoring and control process in software development projects for IT solutions companies abstract. The design of a performance measurement system for a fruit processing equipment manufacturer abstract. Analysis of MILP formulations for a tire curing scheduling problem abstract.

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Profit-driven Analytics: A robust optimization approach for credit scoring abstract. Cadenas de Markov para predecir el desplazamiento espacial de un criminal abstract. Scalarization proximal methods for multiobjective quasiconvex minimization on Hadamard manifolds abstract. Equilibrium problems on Hadamard manifolds with Applications to Theories of Desires abstract. A nonstationary hypercube model considering preemptive end-of-shift discipline abstract. Sergio Fernandez and Angela Perez. Formulations and valid inequalities for the economic lot sizing problem with remanufacturing under uncertainty abstract. Robert Dell and Katherine Guthrie. Ljiljana Pavlovic and Milica Milivojevic. On the geometric-arithmetic index abstract.

Pablo Terlisky and Francisco Soulignac. Powers of Circular-Arc Models abstract. A survey on graphs with convex quadratic stability number abstract. Gustavo Encina and Juan Nogues. Comparacion de estrategias de PL y AG para la optimizacion de cortes de carton abstract. Victor Viana and Luciana Alencar. Herramientas multi-criterio para mejorar el servicio en gasolinas abstract.

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Fifty-five years of the International Journal of Production Research: A bibliometric analysis abstract. Forty years of Safety Science: A bibliometric overview abstract. Analysis of capacity scenarios of an IT help desk of a high complexity hospital with discrete event simulation abstract. Spatiotemporal stochastic analysis for traffic accidents in the city of Bogota. Evaluating policies in the planning of surgical units and patients: A case of study in Chile abstract. Pablo Escalona and Alejandro Angulo. Optimal continuous review Q,r,C policy under service levels constraints abstract.

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An exact algorithm for a districting problem with p-center-based dispersion minimization abstract. Omar Latorre and Rosiane De Freitas. An efficient combinatorial algorithm for Closest String Problem with four strings abstract. Javier Maldonado and Maria Cristina Riff. Pedro Cori and Rosa Delgadillo.