Mac dazzleglass date night review

Sorry for the blur : Although I am a die-hard doe foot fan, I am ok with this brush. Like other brush applicators it does tend to apply a bit more than I'd like, but definitely not as bad as other brands that I've tried that have even longer bristles.

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Formula wise this gloss is ok. I like a thin gloss and although Dazzleglasses aren't as thick as other glosses from MAC this one is still tackier than I would like. Another high point for this gloss is that the glitter doesn't feel gritty at all when I applied it. When it starts to wear off it does feel a bit gritty, but not as bad as other glosses I've worn, especially the ones from Smashbox.

I really bought this gloss because of the shade. As far as moisturizing goes and all the added bonuses other companies put into glosses, this one is ok but nothing special really.

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It has MAC's signature vanilla scent, which I am not a big fan of. And as far as the shade goes, the shimmer in it is surprisingly noticeable on the lips, so much so that it is often too much for daytime wear.

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In addition, this gloss only lasted about an hour and a half on my lips. I like the shade, but honestly, it isn't worth the price to me.

MAC Dazzleglass Date Night Review

One thing that I just realized a week ago is how little gloss is actually in the tube. When placed next to a regular gloss C-Thru it looks larger. However, a Lipglass has 0. In general, it's an ok lip gloss, but I don't think I would repurchase. I don't think the increased price is justified given the severe decrease in the amount of product.

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  3. Separating beauties from beasts.
  4. And although the shade is very very pretty the shimmer in it is sometimes too much for day time wear. All that, combined with the lacking lasting power, is why I cannot really recommend this gloss.

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    4. Disclosure : The product featured in this post was purchased by me for the purpose of my personal use. Lip gloss!

      MAC Doubledazzle Dazzleglass: Swatches and First Impressions - Makeup and Beauty Blog

      Not only are dry lips unsightly, but they also are hella uncomfortable and annoying. Just swipe and go. And when you combine that with glitter?

      Color me orgasmic! The Dazzleglasses are well-known for adding oomph and dimension to bare lips. The most attractive thing about MAC Dazzleglasses is the wide variety of colors available. They all have oodles of glitter — some are iridescent while others have tone-on-tone glitter.

      M.A.C Dazzleglass Lip Gloss

      Cue the Lloyd Price song. They all come in clear hard plastic tubes with opaque black caps.

      The long wand has a brush applicator. I know that many women love brushes because they allow for more precision and even application, but I actually hate brushes for lip gloss. With a brush, the goopy formula globs on the brush and just gets messy. Your nose is so close to your lips, so a repulsive-smelling lip gloss can literally make you gag.