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I quickly polled some makers of other Mac VJ apps, and all were at least interested in checking it out. But Hap promises greater fidelity, among other advantages, and is fully open source, whereas DXV is not. The only real disadvantage at the moment is that Hap is currently Mac-only.

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And since there are multiple flavors, you can tailor Hap to your needs:. There are three different Hap codecs to choose from: Hap offers the lowest data rates for playing back the most clips at a time, Hap Alpha is similar to Hap with support for transparency, and Hap Q offers improved image quality at a higher data rate. So, how do you use it? You can then play the videos in any app — even those that lack Hap support.

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For now, that means only VDMX is working, but that promises to change if people do like the codec. If you know how to use QuickTime export, you know how to use Hap.

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Files will play, but without the performance gains. Developers and users wanting to see if this is worth trying out, you can download sample video clips and the VDMX demo to give it a test drive.

Full FAQ and more info on the site. Archive Motion Music tech. Peter Kirn - February 27, Sat Sep 28, pm Transcoding will not add any detail not in the original camera footage. But there may be other reasons driven by your system hardware. So you may need to transcode to lower resolution using another app.

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Another issue is that h. DR can be set up to generate optimized media which is less tasking on your hardware so you don't have video freezing while editing. Sun Sep 29, am Your Iphone records variable framerates no nles likes variable framerates! You can use handbrake to convert your recordings to constant framerates! You can get an app filmic pro for your Iphone - so you can record with constant framerates!

Sun Sep 29, pm I have had no issues with iphone frame rates or importing into DR. Last edited by Mario Kalogjera on Sun Sep 29, pm, edited 1 time in total. Resolve Windows 10 Pro Insider Build.

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Ryzen x. GTX 6GB. ASUS Crosshair x Mon Sep 30, pm Singularity wrote: I'm curious about these results.

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I recently tried Cineform 10 bit YUV, but was not able to achieve real time playback on my machine. I wonder why that would be, since from my understanding cineform should perform better shouldn't it? Mon Sep 30, pm Quality level the same? There are some low bitrate DNX options that do give good performance.

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  • BTW, keep in mind the difference in use case between intermediates and proxies, and also that there are two different ways to make proxies: automatic through "optimized media" and "roll your own. Windows 10 PC. Dual UHD monitors. Decklink 4k mini. Resolve Studio Mon Sep 30, pm Singularity wrote: I recently tried Cineform 10 bit YUV, but was not able to achieve real time playback on my machine.

    Tue Oct 01, am Btw, from your source, prores hq is plenty, if we're talking about "best" codec, then the answer can be different: cineform, dpx or the might exr Tue Oct 01, pm We don't get to pick a specific resolution for Optimized Media, only a ratio.