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Yes, it is how the scam theme works. The followings are some of the common questions regarding this virus. YooSecurity may include some remarks below to the specific questions. I was ready to just throw the computer in the ocean. Why did FBI block my computer for watching porn on Internet? Since the Fbi. Is there a real United States cyber security virus? My laptop is locked out saying I have to go buy a card and pay dollars to the FBI. Is this a scam? Why does my computer lock me out and say stuff about FBI?

FBI MoneyPak Virus Removal on Mac Os X, Easy Method.

Is it just FBI Moneypak virus scam? Is there a scheme where a FBI warning locks your computer if viewing porn? The installed Norton and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware do not work at the moment to remove it. I have searched it up on the Internet and everyone has said its a scam; how to remove this rubbish of? Message keeps popping up on computer saying that his computer is blocked because of a violation. Is this real?

My Avast does not work at this moment.

FBI MoneyPak Virus Removal on Mac Os X, Easy Method.

Is there a virus that states its FBI and locks your computer? Is there a computer virus which says you download illegal movies? How to get it off! I meant the FBI virus. If your screen is completely blocked by the Green dot virus, how dose it come off? It said i had to use Moneypak to unlock the computer. Is this whole thing a scam related to FBI virus? So i just lost my money? The computer virus states you have illegal downloads so they locked the computer down charging dollars to unlock it. No, it still be locked even you paid the amount. It is one of the versions of FBI virus, and it is telling The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the law of the United States of America.

However, after I restart it and press F8 to use safe mode with networking, it still comes up with that FBI lock screen. I just want to get it fixed and not be prosecuted. Have you heard of the FBI asking for money online? Some people use this computer other than myself and I do not know what they look up.

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Can you help me remove this FBI lock malware? Is this part of the virus? It tells me my computer has been blocked by FBI and if i want to unblock it, I would have to pay dollars. Why is the FBI saying I got to go pay for a money pack to unblock my laptop? What program to download for the FBI virus removal? It is department of justice blocking computers paying We are given only 48 hours to make the payment. Is this real or FBI virus? It never did remove FBI virus scam permanently, as it came back again the exact same one. People should be aware of such a site.

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All they did was back up my registry as informed to me by a Certified Microsoft Technician. I am in the process now of getting my money back as I never received what I have purchased. How can I get into my computer to work on deleting files created by FBI virus? Computer blocked for violation of the law of the USA.

Is computer blocked for violation of federal law real? How to get rid of it? My computer has a virus that is saying I have to pay dollars or else the FBI is going to put a criminal case against me in 72 hours. I Googled this issue that I am having. What does it mean when you get a pop up from the FBI saying pay money? How to remove this FBI warning if it is a scam? Is this real or a virus?

Your computer has been locked.

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Has anyone ever got a FBI fine? Computer is locked you must pay fine. Why am I getting a message on my laptop saying it was locked by FBI?

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How do I get rid of it? How do I clear this FBI thing off my computer? Why does my computer say locked by FBI. How to unlock my computer from cybercrime fbi.

How to Remove the FBI Virus and Other Non Destructive Malware

How to get rid of a virus on my computer involving Internet Security government thing? What to do when my computer is taken over by government? If the government catches you downloading music illegally, do you have to may a fine online? Has anyone ever got a message from the police while watching porn? Many friends of mine have recently got the FBI virus on their computers and were having a lot of trouble getting rid of it? What does it mean if my computer is blocked for child porn? And what does it mean when my computer says it blocked for federal law? Okay, it means your computer has been hijacked by the fake FBI virus scam.

Your Computer has been locked virus original version of FBI Moneypak virus scam : If your computer has been blocked by this hoax, your whole screen has been taken over with that message. Is Your Computer has been locked by police and they ask for pay a fine by either Ukash or Paysafecard? No, it is not from US Government but a scam. It is nothing but a malware, remove it immediately with the instructions or contact professionals if you found this.

International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus : Every message of International Cyber Security Protection Alliance virus variants makes the same allegations to demand the fine be paid within 72 hours or further legal actions will be taken. Once this virus scam is installed on the computer there is only one way to remove the block, and that is by deleting all of the files from the system that are linked to this attack.

If your computer has been locked by an outside source for downloading and they want a payment to unlock it, what to do? Is there a FBI cyber virus that says your browser is blocked? On the main screen, it says Your browser has been locked.